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Welcome to the CryptocurrencyCodes list of the best crypto casino bonus offers and rewards. On this page, you will find a full range of all the sign up welcome bonus promotions from the most trusted and popular Bitcoin & cryptocurrency online casino sites.

5 BTC + 30 FS

5 BTC + 30 FS

Get up to 5 BTC & 30 free spins on Bitstarz casino when you register and make a qualifying deposit.
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    2 BTC + 100 FS

    Get up to 2 BTC and 100 free spins on with this bonus offer
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    Top Crypto Casino Bonus Offers

    What Is a Crypto Casino Bonus Offer?

    A crypto casino bonus is a reward offered to players to either join or continue to use a specific crypto bonus.

    Crypto bonuses come in numerous forms. We discuss these forms later, but we will discuss the way the bonuses are paid first.

    The main purpose of offering bonuses is to convince players to continue gambling. As such, bonuses are usually offered periodically, with each subsequent bonus offering something extra over the previous one.

    However, the sign up bonus is still the cornerstone of crypto casino rewards. This is because the world of crypto casinos is extremely competitive, and each casino tries to outdo the others and win players over to their side.

    How To Claim Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

    While there are numerous types of crypto bonuses, we will take a look at two major categories here. The first one will be on how to get sign up bonuses, while the second will focus on acquiring additional bonuses after registering.

    How to Claim Bitcoin Casino Sign Up Bonuses

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to claim the sign up bonuses offered by Bitcoin casinos.

    1. Go to the casino website and begin the sign up process. Remember that for certain casinos, it is possible to sign up using the app.
    2. Input all the details. Remember that in legitimate casinos, players may be required to verify their identity. As such, any information entered must be accurate.
    3. Many casinos require a referral code in order to receive the bonus. As such, make sure to enter the code when asked for it.
    4. Complete the registration process and perform all the verification checks.
    5. Complete the requirements for the bonus (requirements are mentioned in the next section).
    6. The bonus should be accessible by now. While the bonus cannot be withdrawn unless certain conditions are met, it can be withdrawn instantly.

    How to Claim Further Bitcoin Bonuses

    Once players have received the initial welcome bonus, they can continue to claim further bonuses. Here is how to do that.

    1. Make sure that the sign up process is complete and that the account is fully operational.
    2. Every casino will have a page (usually accessible through the top bar or through the homepage) titled “Promotions”. Click on the page to view all available offers.
    3. Pick the preferred option from the list of currently available promotions.
    4. Complete the requirements for the promotion and receive the bonus.
    5. Remember to check back periodically as casinos regularly put up new promotions.

    Types of Crypto Casino Welcome Bonuses

    When it comes to welcome bonuses, every casino has a slightly different approach. Here, we outline what players should expect when they begin to use a new Bitcoin casino.

    Deposit Bonuses (First, Second, Third etc.)

    Deposit bonuses are by far the most common type of bonus offered by casinos. As the name suggests, these bonuses can be claimed after depositing a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

    Deposit bonuses usually work by matching the deposits by a certain percentage. The figure is usually between 50-110%. For example, suppose there is a casino that offers a 100% match for the first deposit. This means that if a player deposits 1 BTC into their casino wallet, they will receive an additional 1 BTC as a bonus.

    On top of this, deposit bonuses usually have a limit. For example, a casino may limit the bonus to 0.5 BTC for the first deposit. In the example outlined in the previous paragraph, the player would only receive a bonus of 0.5 BTC, despite having deposited 1 BTC.

    Deposit bonuses are also usually spread out over multiple deposits. Casinos take the approach of offering the welcome bonus through the first three or four deposits. The matching percentage and the limit on each of the deposits may be different, so players should peruse through the terms and conditions of the bonus before they begin using a casino.

    Lastly, remember that if welcome bonuses are spread out over multiple deposits, players are usually required to use all of the bonus from the previous deposit in order to be eligible for the next bonus. This is simply a ploy to encourage players to keep playing.

    No Deposit Bonuses

    No deposit bonuses are bonuses that can be claimed without having to deposit any coins into the casino wallet. No deposit bonuses are somewhat rare, but can still be found without a lot of effort.

    As players might expect, these bonuses are usually quite small and meant to offer a taste of the action. They also come with a lot of attached terms and conditions. For example, users may be able to use the no deposit bonus to gamble on the casino, but they cannot cash out their winnings unless they also deposit some funds of their own.

    No deposit bonuses are rarely offered as a cash reward. Instead, they tend to offer users free playing time on one or more of the games. The most common no deposit bonuses are free spins, which are explained next.

    Free Spins

    Apart from deposit matching, free spins are the most common crypto bonuses on offer. These bonuses allow players to try their luck on a select few games on the platform.

    For example, a casino may offer “300 free spins on slots” as a part of their welcome offer. This would mean that players can spin the slot machine 300 times without having to pay the fees.

    Any winnings that players earn using the free spins are theirs to keep. However, there may be limits on whether those winnings can be withdrawn.

    Usually, when free spins are offered as a no deposit bonus, the winnings cannot be withdrawn without having met certain requirements. When free spins are offered as a part of a deposit bonus (this is rare), then the winnings can usually be withdrawn.

    Bonus Codes

    Bonus codes are the bread and butter of crypto casinos. In many cases, it is not possible to receive the welcome bonus without the use of a bonus code when signing up.

    Other times, welcome bonuses can be accessed by anyone regardless of whether they have a bonus code or not. However, bonus codes offer additional benefits even in this situation.

    In most casinos, players can generate their own bonus code which can then be used to invite friends and family to the casino. Through this, players can earn additional rewards, usually in the form of commissions on the house edge of the games played by their referrals.

    Crypto Casinos: Pros & Cons

    Crypto casinos come with their own list of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at a few of the major ones compared to traditional fiat casinos.


    • For people who own a lot of cryptocurrencies, depositing money into their wallets is extremely easy.
    • Since crypto casinos are somewhat newer than fiat casinos, the bonuses offered are often much greater.
    • Since cryptocurrency is much more anonymous compared to fiat currency, crypto casinos end up being a lot more private.
    • Most crypto casinos offer deposits and withdrawals in multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing players to avoid the pain of converting the coins they already have.
    • Most crypto casinos also offer fiat currency as a payment method. This can be great for players that want to play but cannot access their crypto wallets at the current time.
    • Cryptocurrency tax laws are different from fiat currency. As such, it is possible that winnings may not be taxed (or taxed at a lower rate) in certain jurisdictions.


    • Many crypto casinos are new, and thus may not be legitimate. We guide players on how to differentiate between legitimate and fake crypto casinos later.
    • While the bonuses offered on crypto casinos are massive, the conditions to withdraw those bonuses are also quite stringent.
    • Many casinos operate in heavily regulated requirements, and may require players to divulge as much information about themselves as a standard fiat currency casino would.

    Bitcoin Casino Games

    Online casinos generally offer a lot of games to make sure there is something for everyone. Crypto casinos are no different, with some of them offering literally thousands of games.

    However, some games are more popular than others, and most of the games with large player counts come down to four categories. Let’s take a look!

    Live Table Games

    Live table games are the most common games played by the more serious gamblers. There are a lot of different variations of live table games, but most of them revolve around games that players would traditionally find at a physical casino.

    Live table games include everything from poker (from Texas hold ‘em to all other popular variations) to Blackjack (and everything in between).

    These games usually tend to combine a live dealer that is actually dealing cards and ensuring proper play with an interface that makes it easier to see what hand the player has been dealt and the options available to them.

    For players that want to gamble their cryptocurrency on games of skill, live table games are the best option. The games can be low or high stakes, allowing players to choose how much of their money they want to risk.


    Slots are perfect for players that only want to try their luck and do not want skill to be a major factor in the games they play.

    Slots on crypto casinos work exactly as they do on other casinos, apart from the fact that the fees and the rewards are in crypto. On top of that, most of the free spin bonuses offered by casinos are usually used on slots or other games of a similar nature.

    Crash, Dice & More

    As stated previously, crypto casinos usually have thousands of games for players to try. While that doesn’t mean that every single game is good (or even worth trying), it does mean that there are countless types of games that players can try to win money at.

    Crypto casinos offer a lot of different games, including Crash and Dice. Many of the games are traditional games that players would expect to play at a traditional casino, while others are based on completely new concepts that involve a varying degree of luck and skill.

    Sports and eSports

    Unfortunately, sports and esports betting is not too common in crypto casinos. This is due to the higher regulatory requirements that many Bitcoin casinos are unable to meet.

    Still, there are a few casinos that allow players to bet on sports and esports matches using cryptocurrency. Players can bet on everything from games currently taking place (with live odds) to betting on games before they begin. Certain casinos also allow players to bet on their national teams directly.

    Staying Safe: Online Bitcoin Casino Tips

    Crypto betting may seem like a grey area to many gamblers, and it can be difficult to know which casinos are safe and secure. Here are a few things to be aware of before signing up to a casino.

    Checking Legitimacy

    It can be difficult to know if a casino is legitimate. Players should make note of the following before they decide to use a casino:

    • Check online reviews to make sure the casino does not have a lot of negative reviews. A few negative reviews are guaranteed, but there should be an equal number of positive reviews to balance them out.
    • Make sure the bonuses offered are not outrageous. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    • Try to look for inconsistencies in the website. Fake websites usually have clear signs (like typos) common among other scams.

    Crypto Casino Licences

    Another great way to distinguish between legitimate and fake crypto casinos is by taking a look at and verifying the gaming license. It is necessary for any gambling operation to obtain a gambling license in order to access game providers and accept withdrawals.

    It also might help to check the country of origin of the license. A license based in the US or the European Union, for example, carries a lot more weight than one originating on a tiny island in the Caribbean.

    Our Favorite Crypto & Bitcoin Casinos

    Here are three casinos that are legitimate and have amazing games on offer. On top of that, all three of the casinos offer amazing sign up bonuses coupled with lucrative promotions that run all year long.

    mBit Casino

    mBit Casino is one of the oldest crypto casinos currently operating. It offers over 2000 games and is as legitimate as a crypto casino can be. Despite being one of the largest casinos in the crypto world, it still offers amazing welcome bonuses and promotions.

    There are only two problems with the platform. The first is the lack of sports betting, and the second is the fact that only 6 cryptocurrencies are accepted by the casino. While 6 is not bad (most casinos offer 6 coins as payment methods or less), other casinos of mBit’s size do offer more options.


    Bitstarz is a great alternative to mBit. It offers more payment methods than the former, and also allows sports betting. While thousands of games are offered at the casino, the live table games are considered to be the best amongst all the crypto casinos.

    Just like mBit, Bitstarz also offers a lot of ways to earn bonuses. Numerous promotions are running all year long, many of them offering to match the deposit by over 100%.

    The only place where Bitstarz lacks is that the platform is not polished enough. While there are a lot of games on offer, many of them are simply not up to par with mBit and other similar casinos. is smaller than the previous two casinos on the list, but not by a large margin. It is a casino that is growing quite quickly due to its aggressive marketing and offers a lot of features not usually found in casinos of its size (such as sports betting).

    Apart from offering welcome bonuses and promotions like other casinos, also regularly hosts giveaways with prizes that can often cross seven figures. It also offers numerous non-crypto payment methods including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.


    Although crypto casinos are now more popular than ever before, they are still continuously vying for popularity due to intense competition. This is good news for players, as they get to claim amazing sign up bonuses and promotions that can make winning a lot easier.

    Here, we have gone through the most common crypto bonuses and how users can claim them. Remember to make sure that a casino is legitimate before signing up and depositing funds in it, and take all the necessary precautions outlined above to make sure your funds are secure.

    Lastly, remember to gamble responsibly and to consult online resources if gambling becomes problematic and/or leads to addiction.