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BC.Game Promo Referral Code Canada

BC.Game is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency casino sites currently online. Players looking to try out the platform in 2024 can use the referral code BCBONUS. This code allows players to receive the best welcome bonus on the casino.

How to Use the BC.Game Promo Code

The BC.Game referral code can be applied when players are signing up to a platform. Unfortunately, those who already have an account cannot make use of the promo code.

Here is how to use the promo code to get the best introductory bonus on BC.Game:

  1. Head over to BC.Game and click the green ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right.
  2. Once the process begins, users need to enter all of their information accurately.
  3. Enter BCBONUS in the section where the platform asks for a referral code.
  4. Complete the registration process and all the identity checks asked by the casino.
  5. Once the account has been created, users need to meet the conditions for the welcome bonus.

Once all the conditions for the welcome bonus have been met, the bonus is automatically deposited into the wallets of the users.

BC.Game Referral Promo Code Sign Up
BC.Game Referral Promo Code Sign Up

The welcome bonus is not the only bonus that can be claimed on the casino. It is possible for players to make use of certain promotions all year round. Let’s look at a few examples.

Top BC.Game Promotions

Just like all of the other crypto casinos, BC.Game offers timed promotions that can be claimed by the users. Most of these promotions revolve around depositing money and then the casino matching the deposits.

What differentiates BC.Game from other crypto casinos is that it has numerous ways for its players to consistently earn rewards. These methods are mentioned clearly and are available to any player. Let’s take a look.

BC.Game Task Hub

The BC.Game Task Hub is perhaps the best area for new players to go to. This works quite similarly to the task hub on crypto exchanges. Players get a list of tasks that they need to complete, and they are then rewarded for completing those tasks.

Some of the tasks are very simple to complete. For example, players may be required to Tweet about the casino or share the casino on their Facebook page. Others might require a bit more time.

As is expected, the rewards scale with the complexity of the task. While this is not a particularly lucrative promotion, it is possible to easily make a few extra coins to play with on the platform through the Task Hub.

Lucky Spin Bonuses

It is best to think of the lucky spin as a free spin that BC.Game offers. Obviously, players only get a limited number of lucky spins. However, the rewards can sometimes be huge.

The maximum reward that can be earned from a lucky spin is 1 BTC. While you would truly need to be one of the luckiest people alive to get that, the promotion is still good for smaller rewards. Considering that it only takes a few seconds to try your luck, we would say it is more than worth it.

Master Medals

The Master Medals are rewarded for playing on the casino. This promotion is somewhat similar to the task hub. However, the tasks that players need to get the Master Medals are a lot harder and require more time.

To compensate for this, the rewards offered are also greater. Some of the rewards are handed out in BTC while other rewards are paid out in the form of bonuses on certain games and bets.

BC.Game Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program on BC.Game is quite similar to other casinos. The only difference is that the rewards offered are quite a bit more than what you would normally get.

BC.Game Affiliate Program Dashboard
BC.Game Affiliate Program

Users can become affiliates by joining the program through the menu on the left side. Their affiliate code can then be shared with their friends and family. Each person they refer can earn them cash in multiple ways.

For one, the affiliates get a percentage of the house edge on the wagers of their referrals. This percentage is usually 25%. On top of that, affiliates also get an outright cash bonus when the VIP level of their affiliates increases.

About BC.Game

While BC.Game is quite similar to most other crypto casinos, it tries its best to stand out by offering additional services.

The casino itself is more than sufficient. There are both live tables and thousands of other games for players to try. That said, the main reasons to pick BC.Game over other crypto casino sites are the following.

BC.Game Homepage
BC.Game Crypto Casino

Start Your Own Casino Club

Although technically considered a part of BC.Game’s Affiliate Program, the fact that players can get their own table on the casino is a great feature not present in many other casino sites. The profits from this table are shared, and this can be used as a springboard for starting a new casino club.

Ultimately, it is possible for players to partner with BC.Game and get their own casino site with a unique domain name.

BC.GAME Lottery

BC.Game offers a daily lottery where players can select their lucky numbers and wait for the draw. It is not necessary to get all six of the numbers right, as there are smaller prizes for guessing some of the numbers correctly.

The lottery can be used by players to earn up to $100,000 every single day. While players can participate in the lottery at any time, the draw only occurs once daily.

BC.Game VIP Program

Even though all casinos have a VIP program, BC.Game takes things to the next level. High-level VIPs can get invited to parties, trips, and get gifts such as the ability to stay for free at hotels worldwide.

Of course, players need to be a gambler of a significantly high level in order to claim these gifts. However, this is a great way for high-rollers to get something in return for using the platform to place their bets.

Use the BC.Game Promo Code

The BC.Game promo code is BCBONUS. Use the code now to get the best welcome bonus on the crypto casino.

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