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BingX Referral Code

BingX brands itself as a social crypto trading network. Those new to the website can use the code XBONUS to claim the referral bonus.

How to Use the BingX Referral Code

As long as the BingX referral code is used when creating an account on the exchange, the user can claim the welcome bonus.

It is not possible for those who already have an account to get this bonus. However, they can still explore other avenues of earning free crypto on BingX. Many of them are discussed below.

Here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to get the BingX signup bonus:

  1. Begin creating an account on
  2. Enter all the information accurately. Verifications will be required later, so entering the wrong information may lead to problems.
  3. Type XBONUS in the box where the exchange asks for a referral code.
  4. Complete the signup process.
  5. The bonus is deposited once the user has met its conditions.
BingX Sign up Code
BingX Sign Up Code

Here are the other promotions that players can claim on BingX.

BingX Promotional Offers

At any time, BingX is running more promotions than most of its competitors. Not all of these promotions are available to everyone. However, many of them do provide very high rewards, such as tickets to sporting events or outright cash prizes.

A lot of promotions are based on trading performance. Traders can compete against one another to see who generates the highest return, and then receive a prize on top.

There are also promotions that are based on a particular theme, such as Christmas. These promotions allow users to receive benefits such as coins and other digital assets.

BingX Rewards Hub

The promotional offers on BingX are great, but they also require participants to meet a lot of conditions. On top of that, the participants may still have to enter into a lucky draw after meeting the criteria to get the rewards.

The BingX rewards hub, on the other hand, is a great place for almost anyone using the exchange to earn free crypto. Just like on many other exchanges, users can complete tasks and be rewarded.

Some tasks are quite simple like depositing coins into a BingX account, while others are a bit more difficult such as hitting a certain trading volume. The higher the difficulty of the task, the bigger the reward.

BingX Affiliate Program

BingX has an affiliate program that allows users to become partners with the casino. Players have to invite other people to BingX. In return, they get a commission that is a percentage of the trading fees generated by their invites.

The great thing about the BingX affiliate program is that it offers commissions as high as 60%. This is much better than its competitors, as most of them cap out at 50%.

About BingX

BingX was founded in 2018 with a clear vision: To be the most social cryptocurrency exchange there is.

It took a couple of years for BingX to get going, but it began to pick up a lot of new users in 2020. This was because of it being very profitable for expert traders while also being beginner-friendly at the same time.

Here are some of the major features of the exchange.


BingX divides its futures into two categories. The first one is known as ‘Simple Futures’ and is meant to be aimed at people who are beginners to crypto derivatives. Derivatives Trading
BingX Derivatives Trading

The second category is known as ‘Perpetual Futures’. These contracts are much more complex compared to their simpler counterparts and should usually be traded by experienced traders only.

Grid Trading

With grid trading, it is possible for traders to set up bots that will trade on their behalf. Provided that the algorithm behind the bots is efficient, it is possible to generate profit 24 hours a day.

Hundreds of thousands of people use grid trading on BingX. There are numerous tutorials on how to set up grid trading to generate a profit. However, it is only possible for very good traders to make use of this feature to its fullest extent.

Copy Trading

Copy trading allows the average person to copy the trades made by an experienced trader. The experienced trader gets a percentage of the average trader’s profits (if there are any).

Copy trading is a brilliant way for novice traders to both make more crypto and learn how to trade. BingX has numerous ways to support its copy trading service, including a feed where the best traders can discuss ideas, news, and strategy.

Use the BingX Promo Code Now

Use the BingX code XBONUS right now to get the best welcome bonus on the platform.

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