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BetFury Referral Promo Code

Looking for a BetFury promo code? Get the top casino welcome bonuses today with the referral promotion codes listed here.

BetFury is one of the top upcoming crypto casinos which offers an extensive variety of interesting games. It gives its users the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus by using the promo code.

BetFury Casino Casino Site

How to Get BetFury Welcome Bonus

New signups can claim the bonus code by going through a few straightforward steps. Here’s a guide on how any new player can get the welcome bonus:

  1. Go onto the BetFury website and click on the ‘signup’ option. 
  2. Fill in the details required. Remember that all details will need to be verified later, so accuracy is key here.
  3. When asked for the promo code, enter the code
  4. Make sure all the requirements are fulfilled and then perform all the verification checks.
  5. Complete the signup process.
  6. The account will be created and the welcome bonus will be deposited once all the requirements have been satisfied.

Note that this bonus is not attainable for users that only have the account. Only new registrations can claim it.

Once the user has logged in and claimed the welcome, they can access many other bonuses offered by BetFury.

BetFury Sign Up

BetFury Promotions

There are various promotions that allow the user to earn some extra cash and also provides a continuous source of interest for the crypto casino website. Here are some of the common promotions that can be claimed by players.

Cashback Promotions

These allow the player to earn some extra cash by getting a cashback through various methods. The cashback can be earned in multiple ways, and the percentage of the cashback received will differ depending on the activity.

This bonus offer is available from day one and gets better as you rank up (BetFury has a ranking system that rewards loyalty). When you get as far as rank three, rakeback is also offered which is a percentage of what you deposited while making a bet.

Fury Wheel

Spin the wheel to win prizes which include cryptocurrency along with the option to win Fun Fury tokens. This bonus offer is available for all users but provides a distinctive incentive to users with ranks 2 to 16 as the special fury wheel rewards them with real cryptocurrency.

Bonuses for Chat Activity

Earning a bonus has never been this easy. All the players have to do is play on the website, share their results with fellow players, and communicate with each other. There are three types of bonuses for chat activity which are coindrop, rain, and tips.

BetFury Referral Program

By telling family, friends, or basically anyone about BetFury a player can earn referral bonuses effortlessly. Just like many other crypto casinos, BetFury allows them to create a unique referral link for every person and that is beneficial because they can devise their own campaign every single time. 

Bonuses are earned through every bet made from an account that joined using their referral link (the referee receives a percentage of the house edge). The amount earned differs depending on the activities of the referral, but here is a basic overview:

  1. Right after a referral wins a bet, the user will be credited with 15 percent pure profit from the platform’s house edge. This is only applicable for in-house games.
  2. In the case of slot games, they will be rewarded 1.5 percent from all winnings after each winning bet by the player’s referral.
  3. For BFG tokens they can earn a total of 5 percent of tokens earned by their referral. It is to be noted that this bonus offer is also only available for in-house games.
BetFury Referral
BetFury Referral Program

About BetFury

Even though the platform is on the relatively newer side compared to some other crypto gambling websites, it has attracted many players using its wide variety of interesting games.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the platform.

Games offered

BetFury is a well-rounded platform that offers an extensive range of games. The overall number of games offered is higher than the average cryptocurrency casino. However, the number of quality games that players would actually want to play are still roughly the same as anywhere else.

If the player wants to peruse, they can head on straight to the ‘all games’ option in the menu bar and look for something they are likely to be interested in. In case they are looking for options in a specific category, they could check out the options next to the home of all games at the very top of the page. 

These options include slot games which are a total of 5000+ in number. Other than this, BetFury offers a good amount of live casino games totaling up to 172 games, 16 in-house games, 96 table games, and 151 games in the ‘Special Games’ section.

BetFury VIP Program

The players also have the opportunity to join the VIP program once they are at a certain level. The program itself has 11 levels and the cashback players earn as a source of a bonus varies at each level, with an increase in percentage as they climb up.

Sports Betting

What makes BerFury stand out is its sports section. Unlike many other platforms, BetFury gives its users the chance to bet on live sports along with gambling on games. 

The platform offers 80 different sports including football (soccer), ski jumping, and many others. Not into field sports? BetFury solves that problem by offering esports betting to its users as well. By indulging in over 4000 events throughout one day, the players have a wide selection of games to make bets on.

BetFury Payment Methods

As BetFury is a crypto gambling platform, it allows no other currency than crypto. For each cryptocurrency, the platform uses a secure link that allows for safe withdrawals and deposits.

Some of the major cryptocurrencies supported by the casino are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Binance, SunToken, and Tether.

Use The BetFury Promo Code Now

By following a few simple steps, anyone could become a part of BetFury Crypto Casino and earn their welcome bonus. Make sure to enjoy all other bonuses and promotions by entering the referral code when signing up.

BetFury Promo Code
BetFury Promo Code
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