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In terms of the bonuses on offer, Gamdom might just be one of the best crypto casinos out there. The promo code allows players to claim the highest welcome bonus on Gamdom.

How to Use the Gamdom Promo Code

The Gamdom promo code is used when creating a new account on the website. Unfortunately, it is not possible for old accounts to make use of the promo code.

Players creating a new account on Gamdom can follow the guide below to claim their welcome bonus.

  1. Go to the Gamdom website.
  2. Click the green ‘Sign up’ button at the top.
  3. Create the account.
  4. Use the promo code when asked for it.
  5. Meet the conditions of the bonus.
Gamdom Promo Code – bonusvip

At this point, the bonus should be available for use at the casino. Once an account has been set up, players can use it to access other promotions on Gamdom as well. These promotions are available for both new and old accounts.

Gamdom Promotions

Gamdom truly offers some of the best promotions across the entire industry. The structure of the promotions is quite simple, and here is how they work:


This is the main promotion offered by the casino. A rakeback is exactly what the name suggests: Players get a certain amount of the bet back to bet again with.

What is astounding is the kind of rakebacks that Gamdom offers. It is possible to have the account’s rakeback percentage be as high as 60%.

Of course, it is quite difficult to hit the 60% rakeback limit. Players need to go through a lot of loyalty levels in order to get there. Still, this is higher than most other casinos in the crypto industry.


Apart from the rakeback, it is possible for players to get even more of their money back (in case they lose) through Gamdom’s cashback.

The cashback works independently from the rakeback. It is not as high as the rakeback, but still enough to make a difference.

Cashbacks are usually offered on specific games or in specific circumstances. Players should keep an eye out for any announcements or any games that might be offering a cashback.

Royal Family

The Royal Family is how Gamdom brands its VIP program. It deserves a special mention because it enhances all of the other rewards received by the player.

Players that manage to enter the royal tier receive the highest rakeback. On top of that, they also have access to other bonuses not available to those at lower tiers.

Lastly, each member of the Royal Family has an assistant to cater to their every need on Gamdom. This way, players get to receive priority support and can ask for customized bets as well.

Gamdom Affiliate Program

The affiliate program on Gamdom works just like any other crypto casino’s program. Users can generate their affiliate code, send it to people they know, and earn a commission for referring them to Gamdom.

The commission is calculated depending on the player’s affiliate level. The higher the level, the higher the commission. It is possible to earn a commission of up to 40%. The commission itself is given out as a percentage of the house edge that is earned from the referral’s bets.

About Gamdom

Gamdom Casino Homepage
Gamdom Casino Homepage

Gamdom was founded in 2016. Initially, it was a very small casino with only a handful of games and extremely limited withdrawal methods.

Since then, the casino has grown exponentially. However, it is still fully focused on its growth, and that is evident from the highly profitable promotions that it offers.

Gamdom has over 2000 games in its portfolio. While not as high as some of its competitors, 2000 is more than a good enough number to make sure that even the most serious of gamblers are not disappointed.

Gamdom also offers a few unique games that are not too common in other casinos. On top of that, Gamdom offers both sports and esports betting. For a casino of its size, this is truly an achievement.

There are also various battles that players can take part in on the platform. These battles allow the players to have the chance to earn additional rewards on top of what they would normally earn.

Gamdom is primarily a crypto casino, and accepts majors coins such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDT. While it does accept fiat-based payment methods, players will have to rely on a credit card.

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Gamdom is the ideal casino for gamblers that like to receive big rewards. Use the promo code to get the best welcome bonus currently available on Gamdom.

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