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CSGO Empire Referral Discount Code

The CSGOEmpire referral code is CBONUS. This code allows CSGO players to get the best promo bonus on the skin gambling site.

How to Use the CSGOEmpire Referral Code

The referral code is used when setting up a new account on CSGOEmpire. Here is a step-by-step guide on how users can get the free promo:

  1. Head over to the CSGOEmpire website.
  2. Contrary to other gambling sites, users do not directly create an account. Instead they link their Steam account.
  3. Link the Steam account to CSGOEmpire.
  4. Input all of the additional details that the website asks.
  5. Enter CBONUS when asked for the code.
  6. Complete the registration process and meet the criteria for the promo.
CSGOEmpire Referral Code 'CBONUS'
CSGOEmpire Referral Code ‘CBONUS

At this point, the promo offer should be accessible on CSGOEmpire. After this, players can also look for other promotions on the website for even more free stuff.

Bonus Offers on CSGOEmpire

While CSGOEmpire does offer numerous payment methods, it is primarily a CSGO gambling website. As such, most of its offers are set up around the game. Here are a few examples of what players should expect from the platform in terms of bonuses.

Free Case

It is possible for players to get free cases as part of various promotions. Usually, the players have to do something or take part in an event of some sort in order to qualify for a free case.

The kind of case that is dropped varies by quite a bit. However, it only takes one good case opening for players to generate a handsome profit. As such, this is a great promotion for players that are looking to use CSGOEmpire for the long-term.

Bonus Cases

It is also possible for users to get bonus cases. Just like the free cases, the bonus cases require the player to take part in some kind of event.

The major difference between the free case and the bonus case is that the bonus case is likely to be a lot better in terms of the rewards that it offers. However, this also means that players have to work much harder to acquire the bonus case in the first place.

CSGOEmpire Affiliate Program

For players that are looking to generate a constant stream of income, the affiliate program is probably the best way they can do it.

The affiliate program works by encouraging people to refer other CSGO players to CSGOEmpire. Those who are referred to the platform receive a welcome bonus. On the other hand, the affiliates get to earn a commission, which is a percentage of all the bets placed by their referrals.

Provided that affiliates can refer a lot of players to the casino and they end up placing a lot of bets, it is possible to make huge sums of money on CSGOEmpire. There is no maximum limit to how much an affiliate can earn.

In order to join the program, users need to head to the affiliate page on CSGOEmpire. Here, they can set up an affiliate code. Now, all they need to do is to send the code to as many people as possible and convince them to sign up to CSGOEmpire.

About CSGOEmpire

CSGOEmpire was founded in 2016. It has a valid gambling license from Curacao. While it initially began as a CSGO skin betting site, it has since evolved to include a lot more.

CSGOEmpire Homepage
CSGOEmpire Homepage

Nowadays, CSGO players are still the primary focus of the platform (as suggested by the name). Players can deposit their skins, use them to gamble in the casino, and then withdraw their winnings in the form of other skins.

However, numerous other payment methods are also now available on CSGOEmpire. Players can use cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Apart from this, there are also numerous fiat options including credit cards, gift cards, and Skrill.

When it comes to the games on offer, CSGOEmpire keeps things as simple as possible. Players can bet on Roulette, Coinflips, and sports matches. Esports are also obviously available, and the games on offer are not limited to CSGO.

Lastly, CSGOEmpire places a special focus on ensuring that all of the games provided by the site are fair. This not only goes for the games, but for the cases that players can open as well. There is a dedicated ‘Fairness’ page where the results of all the games can be independently verified.

Use the CSGOEmpire Referral Code Now

It stands to reason that any CSGO player who is also a fan of betting should be set up on CSGOEmpire. At the very least, they should give the platform a shot. Players can use the code CBONUS to get the best welcome promo on the site.

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