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Hellcase Promo Code

The Hellcase promo code is HBONUS. This bonus allows players to receive a free promo on the website.

How to Get the Free Promo on Hellcase

The free promo on Hellcase can be claimed by users when they are logged in to the website. If there are readers that are coming from standard crypto casinos, they may not know that the process of creating an account on Hellcase is not the same as other similar sites.

Here is a complete guide on how to get the promo bonus on Hellcase:

  1. Users do not actually create new accounts on Hellcase. Instead, they make use of their Steam accounts.
  2. All users need to do is to go to the Hellcase website and sign in through Steam.
  3. Once the Steam account has been linked to Hellcase, users will be required to enter a small amount of additional information.
  4. A part of this information will be the promo code, where users can simply type HBONUS.
  5. Once the users type the code, they get the reward and can use it on the site.
Hellcase Promo Code (hbonus)
Hellcase Promo Code (hbonus)

One important thing for novice CSGO players to remember is that they can only link their steam accounts and transfer items quickly if they have the authenticator app set up. Setting up the app does not take a lot of time, and the players should refer to the Steam support section to learn how to do it.

Apart from the free promo that players get by using the code HBONUS, there are other promotions on Hellcase too. Let’s take a look at a few.

Hellcase Offers

Hellcase is not primarily a betting platform. However, there are a few games that players can wager their skins on.

On top of that, there are a handful of promotions that Hellcase runs to ensure that players do not switch to another platform. The biggest one is the daily free case.

Players can get a new case for free every single day on Hellcase. They do need to meet certain criteria, such as depositing a small amount of money on the platform or changing their Steam avatar. However, the deposit can still be used on the site, so the case is truly free.

The chances of a player finding a knife or a similarly rare skin within any of the free cases is quite low. However, the chance is always there. Considering the fact that getting the free case is quite easy, players should always be looking to open their free case every day.

Hellcase.com Referral Bonus Levels
Hellcase.com Referral Bonus Levels

About Hellcase

As the name suggests, Hellcase is a website about CSGO cases. It initially started out during the CSGO gambling boom, and allowed users to open cases to earn skins.

Players could also transfer skins from their Steam inventories to Hellcase and play games using those skins. At the beginning, this was the only way for players to deposit and withdraw funds from the platform.

Nowadays, Hellcase offers numerous additional payment methods as well. For one, players can deposit funds using various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. On top of that, players also have the option of using fiat currency to pay for the cases. Hellcase accepts credit cards (including UnionPay) and numerous other payment options.

Here are some of the standout features of the site.


This is a game of chance where the players can try and upgrade the skins that they currently own. This is a great game for players who have a lot of skins that they do not use and want to do something exciting with them rather than just sell them on the community market.


This is another feature of Hellcase that allows users to upgrade their skins. However, an upgrade is guaranteed here. Users can trade away a lot of low-value items and receive one high-value item in return.

Case Battle

This is a high-stakes PvP game that two players can partake in. The two players purchase the same cases, and the one with the highest cost is the one who ends up taking home all of the skins.

With Case Battle, it is possible for players to multiply the value of their skins. Of course, players can also lose everything. Luckily, Hellcase has a provably fair system in place where the result of every single game (and of upgrades and contracts) can be verified. As such, there is no chance of players being cheated out of their skins here.

Claim the Hellcase Free Promo Now

Hellcase is a great provably fair CSGO case site. Players can make use of the promo code HBONUS to get their hands on free CSGO skins.

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