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βœ… Valid2024 Code is one of the most unique crypto casino sites out there, standing out from everything else in the industry. Enter the promo code NEWBONUS to get a new signup bonus on the platform.

How to Get the Creator Bonus

The bonus can be accessed by entering the code when registering on the website.

Here is how new account creators can claim the bonus.

  1. Go to and create a new account.
  2. When asked for the bonus during the account setup process, type NEWBONUS.
  3. Finish creating the account and meet the requirements for the bonus.
  4. The bonus will be available for use. Promo Code Bonus Promo Code Bonus

Once all of the requirements have been met, the bonus can be accessed instantly on the casino. There are certain requirements that must be met before the bonus is eligible for withdrawal, but they are not too difficult to meet. also has a lot of other bonuses that players can make use of. Here are some of the more prominent ones. Bonuses

It is important to remember that Howl is first an esports platform and then a crypto casino. As such, most of its promotions are based on the model that is used by video games rather than crypto casinos.

Here are some examples of what players might expect.

Daily Case

As stated earlier, works more like a video game rather than a casino. As such, its bonuses are set up in a similar manner.

The daily case is the perfect example. Players can get one case per day which they can then open to receive a reward. The reward will usually not be that high, but a lucky few should be able to profit off this case handsomely.

Flash Codes

Flash codes work like the promo code that is used for the welcome bonus. However, these codes can be applied even after the account has been created.

The rewards on these codes vary quite a lot. does not give an exact guideline on how to acquire these flash codes, but it is possible to find them on both and the internet in general.

Chat Rain

Chat Rain is the last major way to get free money on Every thirty minutes, rain is distributed amongst the players in the chat room.

The rain is collected by all the bets that are placed during the thirty minutes. The higher the wagers on the site overall, the greater the reward that is distributed.

All players need to do is to be in the chat when they are on Once the timer runs out, free money is handed out. Affiliates has an affiliate program just like anyone else. Players can create their own code after registering and share it with people they know.

After that, players receive a commission based on the betting activity of their referrals. The commission percentage varies depending on the level of the affiliate.

About has been around for a while. It initially started as a site where players could use skins from games to place bets.

Eventually, it also added the option to gamble using crypto. There also have been numerous new games added in recent years to make seem more like a casino rather than a skin-betting site.

Here are the main features of the casino. Casino Homepage Casino Homepage Games

The games available on are paltry in comparison with the titles available elsewhere. That said, there is a small selection of both live dealer games and slots for players to try.

Players can also spin the wheel and take part in the jackpot. Apart from this, there is a game called Coinflip where two players participate in a winner-take-all game of chance. Payment Methods

This is where is different from most of the other crypto casinos. It allows users to pay using various cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It also has numerous ways of paying through fiat currencies, including Google Pay and PayPal.

Apart from this, players can link their Steam accounts to and bet using in-game items. The in-game items’ market value at the time of deposit is used for betting.

At the time of writing, the skins that can be used to place a bet include DOTA 2, CS:GO, and RUST.

Claim the Creator Bonus Now is a great crypto betting site for people who also like to play competitive games. Use the code NEWBONUS to get the best signup bonus on the casino.

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