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DatDrop Promo Code Referral

The DatDrop promo code is NEWBONUS. This code is used to get free referral money on the platform.

How to Use the DatDrop Promo Code

The DatDrop promo code is used when creating an account on the service. Any player signing up on the website can use this code.

Here is a guide on how the promo code can be used:

  1. Go to the DatDrop website and create a new account.
  2. Enter the promo code in its appropriate space. The promo code that players have to enter is NEWBONUS.
  3. Finish creating the account. DatDrop does not ask for a lot of information when it comes to creating an account, and nor does it require a lot of verification.
  4. Meet the bonus requirements.
  5. The bonus will be ready for use as soon as all the requirements have been met.
DatDrop.com Promo Code Bonus
DatDrop.com Promo Code Bonus

Since DatDrop is primarily a website for CS:GO skins, it does not have a lot of promotions apart from the welcome bonus. However, there is a partnership program that is great for players looking to earn some extra money.

DatDrop Partnership Program

Once players have registered on DatDrop, the partnership program is the main way they can generate additional cash.

The partnership program is used to get new players to register on DatDrop. For this, DatDrop enlists the help of its current user base. Players can go to the partnership program page and generate their own referral link/code.

This code can then be sent to potential DatDrop users. Once the users sign up to the platform, the partner receives a reward. The person who signs up using the code also receives a welcome bonus. This way, everybody profits.

There are a total of 10 partnership levels. Partners begin from the first level and can increase their level by inviting more players. A higher level leads to higher bonuses and better rewards on DatDrop.

About DatDrop

DatDrop is a website dedicated to skins for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The primary purpose behind the place is to provide a platform where the in-game skins can be traded for real-life money.

However, that is not all that DatDrop offers. Here is a list of everything the players can do on DatDrop.

DatDrop Homepage
DatDrop Homepage

DatDrop Skins

This is the main feature on DatDrop. Players can use the platform to both purchase and sell skins. DatDrop claims that it is possible for players to find skins cheaper on DatDrop than they would in the Steam market.

The major advantage of using DatDrop is the flexibility. Players that sell and purchase skins on the Steam community can only use the funds on Steam. There is no legal way for players to convert funds in their Steam account to cash that can be used elsewhere.

DatDrop provides a great alternative to this. All players need to do is to sell their skins on DatDrop and access their money whichever way they want.

DatDrop Upgrades

Obviously, not everyone wants to sell or purchase skins. There will be players who are not happy with the skins that they currently have. As such, they may be looking to upgrade them.

This is where DatDrop comes in. Players can use the skins in their inventory and try to upgrade them by playing games. Of course, this requires quite a bit of luck. However, this is one of the best ways for players who are not satisfied with their current inventory to get better stuff.

DatDrop Cases

This is perhaps the main feature of the website. As the name suggests, this is supposed to be a platform where items can be ‘dropped’. These items are usually dropped through cases, which can be purchased on DatDrop.

On one hand, DatDrop offers original cases that can be purchased within the game. The only difference is that the cases that are rare or no longer available in the Steam store can still be found on DatDrop.

Apart from this, DatDrop offers a wealth of cases that have been created by the company. These cases can be purchased with real money, and the skins are then transferred to the player’s Steam account.

DatDrop also allows players to get free cases in exchange for helping expand DatDrop. Simply put, players will get a small number of free cases as long as they continue to use DatDrop.

Lastly, it is important to remember that all of the case openings on DatDrop are provably fair. The outcome of each case can be verified independently.

Get the DatDrop Referral Money Now!

DatDrop is a great place for CS:GO players to find extra skins and upgrade their current inventory. Players can use the code NEWBONUS to get the free referral money.

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