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ValidMay 2024
OKX Referral Code Bonus

The OKX referral code is NEWBONUS. This code can be used to get a free welcome bonus on the OKX exchange.

How to Get the OKX Welcome Bonus

The OKX sign up bonus is very easy to get. Users need to use the referral code to receive the welcome bonus when registering at the OKX exchange platform. They can do this by entering the promo code NEWBONUS at the time of account creation on the platform. 

Only new users will qualify to earn a welcome bonus. Users who have an OKX exchange account will not earn a sign-up bonus.

The following steps will help users navigate the process of claiming the bonus.

  1. Users need to visit the OKX website and initiate the registration by clicking on the ‘sign-up’ button on the top ribbon.
  2. Fill out all the required information to proceed further. Ensure that all the information entered is error-proof.
  3. When asked about the referral code in the referral code option, enter NEWBONUS to qualify for the welcome bonus. 
  4. Complete KYC and other verification checks to have full access to this platform.
  5. The welcome bonus is deposited into the account once the requirements are complete. 
  6. Start using the platform and join the referral programs to earn more rewards.
OKX Welcome Bonus Code ‘NEWBONUS’ Rewards

The OKX referral program effectively allows users to earn more income by inviting their friends, family members, and colleagues to the platform. Let’s take a detailed look at how it works.

OKX Referral Program

The OKX referral program is different from other exchanges in the industry. Different crypto platforms operate uniquely. Some crypto platforms give specific commissions to invitees. This commission is based on the trading fees generated from the referrals used by the users and invitees. In contrast, other crypto platforms offer a cash reward to them. The referral program of OKX is a mix of the two systems. 

After joining the platform, the new users will get a referral link and code, which they can use to invite others to the OKX referral program. The users will receive rewards when invitees join the platform. Initially, the users will earn a cash bonus which will be deposited into their accounts. The reward for the referrals is also the same. The referrals will make a cash bonus deposited to their account when they complete the exchange’s requirements. 

The invitee and referral can use the cash bonus to initiate trading on the OKX platform. 

The reward for the users’ changes after five or more newcomers join the platform. After the five referrals have claimed their rewards, the user will be given the status of an OKX affiliate. The rewards earned by OKX affiliates are different from the ones earned by users in the referral program. Let’s take a look at how OKX affiliates make money on the exchange.

OKX Affiliate Program

Once a new user has invited five or more people using the referral code, they will become an OKX affiliate. The people invited by the user will get the same reward as an OKX invitee. However, an OKX affiliate will not receive a cash bonus. 

OKX Referral Affiliate Program

The OKX affiliate will generate an income which will be equal to 30% of the trading fees generated by their referrals. The payments are settled on a daily basis, meaning that affiliates are paid out once every single day. 

New users can take this opportunity to start earning free crypto by inviting people to the OKX platform. It is possible for users to earn a significant amount of money provided they can invite a lot of people.

There are several things new users should know about OKX before they begin using it. Let’s take a look. 

About OKX

OKX is one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency, meaning that traders have been using the platform for a long time. This cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2014, and it is based in Malta.

Malta is a country where the financial regulations are a bit more relaxed compared to other countries. This allows exchanges to ensure there are a lot of privacy-focused features on the website, owing to less regulatory oversight. 

Users may buy, sell, and trade permitted assets on OKX. It also allows users to lend and borrow specific coins, as well as join proof-of-work (PoW) mining pools to earn crypto. OKX presently supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and has a large number of crypto trading pairings (such as BTC-ETH).

OKX has two different arms, known as Exchange and MetaX. A single account can be used to access both of them. However, both of them offer a completely different feature set. The exchange primarily deals with the trading side of things. MetaX, on the other hand, is more about DeFi.

Trading on OKX

The OKX cryptocurrency exchange offers a diverse range of trading options for the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. Every user receives their own wallet and mining pool. There are investing opportunities, a referral program, an affiliate program and other rewards that are already discussed.

OKX.com Trading Markets

Multiple order types, advanced charting, margin and futures trading, and competitive (albeit complex) trading fees are all available through the OKX exchange.

OKX exchange provides multiple security features like multi-signature hot wallets, offline cold storage with geographically distributed private keys, and anti-phishing codes for email communication. When it comes to security and privacy, OKX truly is one of the best crypto exchanges out there.

OKX exchange is a fantastic platform for non-US users searching for advanced trading tools and affordable fees. It has several unusual trading features as well as the potential to mine cryptocurrency, thereby providing a complete crypto ecosystem for non-US residents.

Use the OKX Referral Code NEWBONUS Now

The OKX sign-up bonus is available to users once they use the promo code NEWBONUS. Users who use this code can earn the best welcome bonus that is currently available on the OKX exchange.

OKX is a trusted platform that users can take full advantage of by initiating trades, earning interest on their crypto, and claiming bonus rewards. It prioritizes safety and privacy, which makes it stand out amongst its competitors.

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