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Bitrue Invite Code

The Bitrue promo code is EQAVGVH. This promo code can be claimed to get the best welcome bonus on the digital assets exchange.

How to Use the Bitrue Invite Code

As the name suggests, the Bitrue invite code is given to people who have not yet registered on the exchange. They can then make use of the code to get their bonus.

Here is how the referral code can be applied:

  1. Start registering on Bitrue. Go to the website and click on the yellow ‘Sign Up’ button.
  2. Enter all the details. Make sure everything is correct as KYC and AML verifications may be required.
  3. Type EQAVGVH when asked for the invite code.
  4. Complete the process and perform all the verification checks.
Bitrue Invite Code
Bitrue Invite Code

At this point, the welcome bonus can be accessed on the exchange. Due to the relatively small age of the exchange, there are a lot of additional promotions that are almost always available on Bitrue. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Other Bitrue Promotions

Most cryptocurrency exchanges run promotions of one kind or the other nowadays. This is to make sure that people continue to use their services. Bitrue is similar. However, it sometimes runs promotions on a much larger scale than its competitors.

For example, it may run a promotion that has a huge prize pool that can be shared amongst all the participants. Users can take part in the promotion by meeting certain conditions and claim their part of the prize.

Bitrue Partners

Bitrue Partners is Bitrue’s affiliate program. It allows users to earn rewards by inviting people they know (or people who follow them).

The process is quite easy and similar to other crypto exchanges. Users send an invitation link that can be used to register on Bitrue. Once the registration is complete, both the partner and the invitee receive a reward.

The reward received by the partner comes in the form of a commission on the invitee’s trades. The commission varies depending on the partner’s level. In total, the partner receives the commission for one year from each referral.

Super Partners

It is possible for users that have very large followings to become super partners. Super partners get to enjoy special benefits and rewards.

However, not anyone can become a super partner. There is a screening process, and users need to apply with reasons why they should be given the status of a super partner.

About Bitrue

Bitrue is a centralized exchange that primarily focuses on trading cryptocurrencies. Bitrue has everything from a simplified trading interface that primarily aims to help people exchange one digital currency for another.

The major area where Bitrue excels is in its trading interface and pairs. It is possible to trade crypto at leveraged multiples and engage in futures trading. The interfaces for both of them are both clean and feature-rich. That said, these two kinds of trading are not suitable for beginners.

There are a total of three types of futures. USDT, USDC, and COIN-M futures can all be traded by the users. The number of pairs are on par with the industry average.

A lot of reading material is also provided to new traders. This is backed up by a capable support team that is quick to respond and solve all queries. Crypto Exchange Crypto Exchange

Bitrue Earn

Although Bitrue focuses on its trading, it still provides its users with a rich ecosystem of services that can be used to earn crypto. Just remember that these are not promotions, and many of them carry risks of capital loss.

All of the major blockchain-based DeFi features found on other crypto exchanges can be found on Bitrue as well. It is possible for users to save their crypto and earn interest on it. Staking is also available, with different coins providing different profits.

BTR, which is the coin used to power the Bitrue exchange, can be held to unlock investments not available to other users. The more BTR users are willing to lock up, the better the return they will get for their investment.

Those who are into mining can join various pools and increase the rate at which they mine for currency.

Lastly, it is also possible for traders to take out loans using their crypto as collateral. This is great for users that want to be invested in crypto but do not think that they can currently use crypto for their use-case.

How to Claim the Bitrue Invite Bonus

Bitrue might be new, but it is still a great trading platform with a lot of positives. New signups can use the code EQAVGVH to get the invite bonus.

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