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➡️ Referral CodeQBSSSY97
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✅ ValidDecember 2022
KuCoin Referral Code Bonus

The KuCoin referral code for December 2022 is QBSSSY97. New users can use this code to get the best welcome bonus on the KuCoin exchange.

How to Get the KuCoin Welcome Bonus (2022)

Users can get access to the KuCoin sign-up bonus very easily. They would need to use the referral code QBSSSY97 and enter it while registering for the KuCoin account for the first time.

One thing to note is that each user can only use the promo code once. So when someone is creating a KuCoin account for the first time, they can use that code. Since they are new users, they qualify for the 5% fee discount. Those users who already have an account cannot avail of the signup bonus.

The following step-by-step guide will help new users navigate their way to claim the bonus.

  1. Users would need to visit the KuCoin website here and begin the registration process. They can do that by clicking the ‘sign-up button.’
  2. New users would need to provide the relevant information to proceed ahead. It is crucial to ensure that all the information is accurate.
  3. Next, the new users will be asked about the referral code. At this point, these users would be required to enter the promo code QBSSSY97 to get a 5% fee discount.
  4. Due to increasing regulations on exchanges, the users have to adhere to KYC verification and AML verification requirements. The users would need to complete the additional verification checks to get full access to the KuCoin platform. This step is necessary to activate the account.
  5. If the users have fulfilled all the requirements for the reward, the welcome bonus is deposited into their account.
  6. The users can now start using the platform by joining the KuCoin referral program. By doing that, they will be able to earn additional rewards and bonuses.
KuCoin Referral Code: QBSSSY97 (Free Promo Coupon Bonus)

Users can use the KuCoin platform to invite their family and friends. In this way, the users can earn additional income while the invitees get an opportunity to earn a welcome bonus.

Let’s look at how users can earn additional income after their registration process.

KuCoin Referral Program

In the past, KuCoin has used a referral program that was not different from several other exchanges. For example, the users would provide their promo code to invite friends, colleagues, and family members. As a result, they would earn a small portion of their fees.

To get a competitive edge in the market, KuCoin updated its referral program to be different from other exchanges. The main difference from this update is that the users are rewarded with stars for inviting others to the exchange. Users can use these stars to cash in for different rewards and prizes that KuCoin offers.

These rewards take the shape of USDT and other coins. The rewards are directly proportional to the stars. This means that the volume of rewards will increase as the number of stars a user has earned increases. The cap set by KuCoin is 1000 USDT.

KuCoin Affiliate Program

The affiliate program used by KuCoin is quite a bit more traditional relative to other exchanges around the globe. Under this affiliate program, the commission the users can earn by referring others is directly related to the trading volume.

KuCoin Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is meant for those users that can provide sufficient evidence that they have a significant number of followers. If a user fulfills this requirement and can invite new users to the exchange, then they can apply to become a KuCoin affiliate.

KuCoin pledges that users can earn a commission of up to 40% of the trading fees under their affiliate program. The exchange also offers second-level commissions to the users. Under this, the users will be able to earn a small proportion of their referral’s commission too.

About KuCoin

KuCoin is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally, which was founded in 2017. Due to its slow start, the exchange failed to attract users for the initial few years.

KuCoin Homepage

Since then, the exchange has worked on its strengths, making it one of the best cryptocurrency platforms for trading. KuCoin managed to accomplish this in two ways. First, the exchange offered new users large referral bonuses and free competition. Secondly, the exchange included DeFi features that would enable users to take up loans by keeping their crypto as collateral. Through this, KuCoin was able to quickly gain traction and increase its user base.

Although KuCoin could make the necessary adjustments that were common in popular exchanges, it took a lot of time to do it. Some of the DeFi features that KuCoin included were already present in other larger exchanges. Hence, it did not have a profound impact on the market players. For instance, KuCoin offers NFT tokens to new signups but does not have an NFT marketplace. In contrast, the other exchanges have an NFT marketplace, and users can take full advantage of it.

NFTs are one place where KuCoin needs to bring an update quickly to compete with other exchanges in the world. KuCoin can compete effectively in all the other areas.

Let’s look at some of the features offered by KuCoin.

KuCoin DeFi Features

KuCoin offers all the major DeFi features that a user would need at a cryptocurrency exchange for trading. Through KuCoin, users can lend their crypto and earn interest in it. The interest rate on the cryptocurrencies differs, with the riskiest currencies having the highest interest rate.

Users also can invest their funds in crypto for a specific amount of time that will earn them profits. The profit a user will earn is directly related to the cryptocurrency in which they invested their money.

KuCoin also launched its proprietary coin, which is called KCS. KCS holders on the exchange can earn rewards and also reduce the fee that they have to pay, such as the trading fee. Lastly, the token launch platform, Spotlight, allows crypto traders to become early investors in new coins.

KuCoin Mobile Apps

The Kucoin crypto exchange has one of the most well-renowned crypto apps in the industry relative to other crypto exchanges. The KuCoin mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android. The app on both these operating systems is labeled bug-free and offers a user-friendly experience. Moreover, the KuCoin app has all the features available on the desktop version, making it convenient for any trader to monitor their trades while on the go.

Despite its reputation on mobile phones, the experience is not shared when used on a tablet. All the features are available on a tablet, but everything is upsized to fit the tablet’s screen size. Those who have used the KuCoin app on a tablet usually prefer to use the web version and not the KuCoin app itself.

Use the KuCoin Referral Code QBSSSY97 Now

KuCoin Referral Code Bonus

The KuCoin sign-up bonus is available for all the users creating an account on the website for the first time. Users can use the promo bonus code QBSSSY97 in December 2022 to avail of a 5% fee discount. This code can be used by new signups to get their hands on the best welcome bonus currently available on the exchange.

KuCoin is a capable exchange that will fulfill all a crypto user’s needs. As a result, users can trust this reputed crypto exchange platform and initiate trades while making use of the DeFi features at the same time.

Enjoy trading on KuCoin! Those that would like to find some more crypto sign-up bonuses can check out all of our crypto referral codes.

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