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Farmskins Promo Code

The Farmskins promo code is FBONUS. This code can be redeemed to get a welcome bonus, including skins, on the website.

Claim the Farmskins promo code ‘FBONUS’ here

Farmskins Promocode
Farmskins Promocode

How to Get The Farmskins Welcome Bonus

The Farmskins welcome bonus can be redeemed by using the code FBONUS when registering on the platform. In order to register, players need to have an active Steam account that has mobile authentication enabled.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to claim the promo code.

  1. Begin by opening the Farmskins website.
  2. There is a green ‘Sign in’ button where players can log in using their Steam accounts. Remember that players must have a Steam account in order to use Farmskins.
  3. Once players have signed in and authenticated their account, they will have to provide a few extra details on Farmskins to complete the registration.
  4. This is where the promo code can now be used. Simply type FBONUS in the correct slot.
  5. The bonus can be accessed as soon as players meet all the necessary conditions on the platform.

Farmskins Partner Program

Once users have claimed their bonus through the promo code, it is possible for them to generate their own promo code as well.

This can be done by heading over to the Partner page, which can be accessed sitewide through the bottom banner. Here, users can get an affiliate code. It is also possible for users to personalize their code so that it is easier to remember.

When other players sign up using the promo code, the partners get a percentage of their deposits as a reward. The actual reward that the partners get depends on their affiliate level, with rewards increasing as they invite more people to the platform.

Remember that the rewards earned from the partner program can only be claimed once the partner has successfully invited at least three people to the platform. After that, the deposit history is updated every 24 hours, with partners being able to claim their rewards immediately after.

About Farmskins

Farmskins is a CS:GO case site that allows users to earn special skins by opening cases. Unlike the olden days when players would be able to bet using their skins, Farmskins only allows players to try their luck at the various cases that they have available.

Not only can players purchase and open all of the legacy cases that are no longer in CSGO, but they also have access to custom cases that Farmskins has created themselves. Farmskins, along with other case sites, serve as the primary way for people to unlock skins that are no longer found in official cases by Valve.

It is possible for players to deposit currency on the platform using various methods. Everything from numerous cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum) to Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay are present. Those residing in China can also make use of WeChat or AliPay.

Here are a few other redeeming features of the website:

Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is a great method for players that want to be able to get free skins. This is a bonus that, as the name suggests, is available for players to claim once a day.

The rewards of the daily bonus often change, but there is a wide range of items available. Most of the time, players receive a small cash reward or an entry-level skin. These rewards can then be used on other areas of the website.

Other times, however, it is possible to get skins that are quite rare. Even Asiimov variants of guns can be unlocked through the daily bonus tab.

Case Battle

Case Battle is the main way for players to increase the value of the skins in their Steam inventory. 

The premise is quite simple: 2 or 4 players purchase one or a bunch of cases (up to 30). The cases are then opened and the value of all the skins are totaled. Whichever player ends up having the highest value of drops gets to keep all of the skins that were received by all of the players.

Gaben’s Cashback Store

Named after the eccentric and highly-loved founder of Valve, the Gaben’s cashback store is perfect for players that like to open a lot of cases.

Players earn bullets for participating in various activities on Farmskins. This includes everything from opening cases to Case Battle. These bullets can then be used to purchase various skins or open more cases on Farmskins.

Use the Farmskins Promo Code

Farmskins is a great website for avid CS:GO skin collectors. The perfect way for them to start off is with the best welcome bonus on the site, which can be claimed by using the code FBONUS.

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