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Deribit Referral Code

Deribit is a crypto futures and options trading platform that was created by experienced traders. The referral code allows new traders to get a free welcome bonus when signing up.

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How to Get the Deribit Welcome Bonus

As the name suggests, the Deribit welcome bonus is available to people that have not yet begun to use the platform. The referral code can be applied when signing up, and the bonus is available for use afterwards.

Deribit Sign Up Bonus Code
Deribit Sign Up Bonus Code

Here is how to get the Deribit bonus:

  1. Go to Deribit and click the sign up button on the right side of the page.
  2. Sign up to the platform, using the promo code when asked.
  3. Due to security being a top-priority of Deribit, users will have to verify some of their data. As such, it is important to make sure that all information provided is accurate (Deribit doesn’t ask that much in the first place).
  4. Complete the signup process and verify the info.
  5. All that is left to do is to meet the conditions for the bonus. The bonus is then ready for use.

Deribit Affiliate Program

Although Deribit’s affiliate program is nothing to write home about, it does offer a nice incentive for traders to invite their friends and family to use Deribit.

Once traders have set up their account, they can head over to the Affiliate page and set up a referral code of their own. This code can then be used to invite people over to Deribit, using the steps mentioned above.

When new users sign up using the code, they get a discount on all their trading fees for a certain period of time. The affiliates also get to keep some of the trading fees generated by new users as commission.

The good thing about Deribit is that unlike many other crypto futures and options trading platforms, it allows its affiliates to receive commissions in perpetuity. However, the rate of the commission does go down a bit after six months.

Deribit Bug Bounty Program

Deribit was designed with the advanced trader in mind. As such, it knows that a lot of its users are experienced coders and technically advanced professionals. In order to make sure the website and the mobile apps function effectively, Deribit offers a bug bounty program.

Anybody who discovers a bug and manages to provide feedback on how it was discovered receives a reward by Deribit. Bugs are classified by their technical severity and whether or not they are related to Deribit’s major services.

All in all, it is possible to earn a reward of anywhere between $50 to $50,000 by reporting a bug to the Deribit team.

About Deribit

Deribit was founded in 2016 by experienced traders who had discovered cryptocurrencies just a few years back. From the beginning, Deribit was focused on technical superiority over its competition.

Deribit has one of the fastest response times out of all the cryptocurrency derivative exchanges. On top of that, it also claims to be the leading options exchange when it comes to total volume.

Here are some of the top reasons to use Deribit:

Ideal for Algorithmic and High-Frequency Traders

Deribit has numerous tools built in that allow traders to take advantage of automated trading. Deribit not only offers numerous advanced order types, but also allows users to implement whatever algorithm they wish to their trading strategy.

Deribit claims to offer a response time of mere microseconds, which should allow high-frequency traders to have an edge on many other traders in the market.


99% of all the funds on Deribit are held in cold storage, meaning that the chances of traders losing funds is extremely low even if the entire exchange is hacked.

Users are also encouraged to safeguard their account through the use of numerous mechanisms like 2-factor authentication. On top of that, traders can also white-list certain IPs, only allowing access to their account from those very addresses. For those looking for a physical solution, Deribit supports Yubikey.

Mobile Apps and Support

Sadly, Deribit does not offer the option for live support. However, users can access a detailed FAQ portal and email the support team. Queries are usually resolved quite quickly, although a select few users reported prolonged delays.

Deribit also has mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Both of the apps offer a competent trading platform, but due to the advanced nature of the exchange, we would recommend accessing Deribit from a computer.

Make Use of The Deribit Promo Code

When it comes to advanced trading, Deribit is one of the best crypto exchanges out there. New signups can use the referral code to get a welcome bonus on the platform.

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