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RustClash Code

RBONUS is the referral code for RustClash. The code is for all new registrations that want to receive the best promo bonus that the platform has to offer.

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How to Receive the RustClash Bonus

The RustClash bonus is available to new users of the website. This code can be redeemed when users are creating their account.

RustClash Affiliate Code - RBONUS
RustClash Affiliate Code – RBONUS

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the code:

  1. There are multiple ways to register on RustClash. Players can create a new account from scratch, or make use of their Steam/Google account.
  2. When users are creating the account, they can use the code RBONUS to receive the welcome bonus.
  3. Remember that no matter what signup method is used, players will get numerous advantages by linking their Steam account to the website. Having a mobile authenticated account is crucial for this.
  4. The bonus can be accessed as soon as the account has been created and verified. However, there might be certain conditions attached to the bonus that users have to meet.

Remember that players can also redeem other bonuses on RustClash. This can be done by getting experience points on the platform to level up. New prizes are unlocked at each individual level, and the rewards get progressively better.

RustClash Affiliate Program

Even though most case sites on the internet have an affiliate program, RustClash uses a different method of rewarding its affiliates.

Becoming an affiliate is extremely simple. All players need to do is to head over to the affiliate tab (can be accessed using the top banner) and create their code. Once this code has been created, users can share it with their friends and family.

After that, the affiliates receive a percentage of all the winnings of their referrals. Most other case sites tend to offer a percentage of the deposit made by the referrals, but RustClash focuses on the winnings instead. This encourages affiliates to invite active players to the platform.

The good thing is that the affiliate code is not randomly generated. Users instead can type their own code, making it easy to remember.

About RustClash

RustClash is a website that is dedicated to providing cases for Rust players. The platform has a lot of cases that are not offered on Steam directly. This makes it possible for avid Rust players and skin collectors to find rare items that they would not otherwise be able to purchase.

RustClash also has numerous games that players can participate in. These games allow players to exponentially increase the value of their inventory by winning new skins. However, there is an element of risk involved as players might also lose their skins in the process.

Here are the unique features of RustClash.

Free to Play

A lot of case sites require players to make a deposit before they can start playing. That is not true for RustClash, as players can open a free case every single day.

However, players must have completed the site’s KYC procedure beforehand. On top of that, the rewards offered are not that great. Despite that, having a free case every day is better than having no case at all.

RustClash Games

RustClash has quite a few games. Apart from the standard skin battle found on most case opening sites, players can also try their luck at coin flips. There is also a jackpot where the chances of winning are slim but the payouts are huge.

RustClash also has a handful of other games such as Plinko and Mines. As long as players are adept at them, they have a decent chance to massively increase their inventory, sometimes multiplying the total value of their skins by hundreds.


Just like on many other crypto sites, RustClash allows users to upgrade their skins. Players can select a skin and use the proprietary currency on the platform to attempt an upgrade.

Although upgrading is not necessarily an efficient manner for getting better skins, it does allow players to get rid of skins that they do not like or do not think they will be using.

Just like for any other game that can be played on RustClash, players can prove the results of the game were fair by heading to the fairness tab on top. Here, they can enter the ID of the battle or of the roll and confirm that the results of the game are verifiable.

Get the RustClash Affiliate Bonus!

RustClash is a great website for hardcore Rust enthusiasts. Players should use the code RBONUS to get a signup reward when setting up their account.

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