BTCEX Invitation Code

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BTCEX Invitation Code

BTCEX is a great platform for trading advanced crypto instruments. Those who haven’t used the platform before can use the code fvq6atg1 to get a referral bonus.

How to Use the BTCEX Invitation Code

The BTCEX invitation code can be used by anyone who hasn’t signed up on the website as of yet. All that users need to do is to type the code fvq6atg1 during the process and claim the bonus once the account is active.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get the bonus through the invitation code.

  1. Go to the BTCEX website and begin signing up. The first step to signing up is right there at the center of the home page, where users can enter their email to begin.
  2. Sign up just like on any other crypto exchange.
  3. Remember that all information provided must be accurate. This is because there will be KYC procedures and verifications required.
  4. Eventually, BTCEX will ask for the code. When this happens, type fvq6atg1.
  5. Complete the signup process. Make sure to once again check the information to make sure this is accurate.
  6. Perform all the verifications and unlock the account.
BTCEX Sign Up Code
BTCEX Sign Up Code

After users have claimed the welcome bonus, they can also take a look at some of the other bonuses offered by BTCEX.

BTCEX Promotions

BTCEX has numerous ways for players to earn free crypto. Here are a few of them.

Rewards Center

This is the primary method for players to earn a few extra USDT. The rewards center has a lot of small tasks and challenges that players can complete. Once these tasks are complete, users receive a small amount of USDT.

There are also a few advanced tasks that become available for a limited time. These tasks are a lot more difficult to complete, but the rewards they provide are also worth it.


BTCEX has a lot of promotions that run throughout the year. However, all of them only run for a small amount of time. These promotions are usually based around an event such as Valentine’s Day.

Promotions have certain rules that players must adhere to. At the end of the promotion, it is possible to receive rewards that are consistent with the amount of effort put in.

BTCEX Trading Bonus
BTCEX Trading Bonus

BTCEX Referral Program

The BTCEX referral program is a great way for traders to make a little bit of extra cash. This is done by joining the BTCEX referral program and inviting others to the platform.

Once users have activated their account, they need to head on over to the referral page and set up their own invite code. This code can then be shared with friends, family members, and anyone else.

When users join using the code and reach a certain trading volume on BTCEX, the person who referred them receives a small reward. This reward can stack up, and it is possible for people in the referral program to make as much as 3,000 USDT from it.


BTCEX is a crypto exchange that focuses on derivatives. While there is an option for spot trading and for converting coins, the majority of people use it for trading options and futures. BTCEX has numerous features that support derivative trading, including the ability to trade perpetual futures.

Apart from the trading platform, there is not much else offered by BTCEX. There aren’t a lot of DeFi features like some of the other exchanges. BTCEX likes to keep things simple and make trading crypto derivatives as hassle free a process as it can be.

It is possible for users to also purchase crypto with fiat currency. Apart from that, the one thing that separates BTCEX from other exchanges is its focus on copy trading.

Copy Trading

Copy trading allows users to copy a professional trader’s trading pattern and apply it to their own portfolio. In return, they have to pay a percentage of their profits to the trader whose trades they copied.

This is a great way for novice traders to both increase the crypto they have and to learn trading. However, they should be extremely careful about who they pick to copy trade from, as picking the wrong person could result in a loss.

It is also possible for traders to become a lead trader. This is done by having a trading record that is proven. After that, users can apply to BTCEX and if their application is approved, they are eligible for having their trades copied.

Use the BTCEX Invitation Code Now

fvq6atg1 is the BTCEX invitation code. Use the code now to get a welcome bonus on the exchange.

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