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Uphold Referral Code

Uphold is a digital asset trading platform that supports both cryptocurrencies and metals. New signups can make use of the referral code to get a welcome bonus.

How to Claim the Uphold Referral Code

The referral code can be used when users are signing up to the platform. Once the referral code is claimed, the welcome bonus is deposited into the user’s account as long as they meet the conditions of the bonus.

Here is how to get the welcome bonus:

  1. Go to the Uphold website and click the green ‘Sign up’ button.
  2. Once the registration process begins, it is important to make sure that all the details provided are correct as they will need to be verified later.
  3. Enter the referral code in its designated slot when creating the account,
  4. Once the account has been set up, users need to verify their account and perform any KYC procedures if necessary.
  5. After this, the conditions of the bonus have to be met.
Uphold Referral Sign Up
Uphold Referral Sign Up

Once users are eligible to receive the welcome bonus, it is ready for use across the entire platform.

Uphold Affiliate Program

Uphold has over seven million customers, and it is continuously trying to expand. In order to do that, it tries to encourage its users to invite their friends, family, and anyone else they know to the platform. The way it does this is through its affiliate program.

Joining the Uphold affiliate program is not a simple process. Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges that allow anyone to register, Uphold requires its users to submit an application. However, the application process is not that difficult. All users need to do is to prove that they have a network that they can leverage to help Uphold.

Once users have registered as an affiliate, they get their own promo code that they can share with anyone they know. This code allows other users to sign up on Uphold. When users sign up on Uphold using the code, they get a bonus to help kickstart their trading journey on the platform.

The affiliates receive a commission on the revenue generated from their invites. This is applicable for the first three months that the new user spends on the platform. While the time limit of the commission received is less compared to other exchanges, Uphold offers a lot of assets. This helps offset the smaller eligibility period for the commissions.

About Uphold

Uphold is one of the most unique cryptocurrency exchanges out there. This is because it is not just a crypto exchange, but a digital asset trading platform. Staying true to the libertarian-leaning ethos that cryptocurrency has, Uphold allows its users to hold various alternative assets.

Uphold was founded all the way back in 2013, making it one of the older crypto exchanges that are active today. While its growth has been slow compared to some of its peers, it now boasts over seven million users. Here are a couple of reasons why Uphold has managed to become so popular.

Uphold.com Features
Uphold.com Features

Multiple Asset Classes

Uphold has over 250 cryptocurrencies. On top of that, it also allows its users to trade metals. The four metals that the exchange offers are Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum.

This is obviously great for users that want to have exposure to crypto but also want to have a portion of their portfolio in stable assets. As the name suggests, Uphold is for users that want to buy and hold assets, believing in their viability in the long run.

It is also possible for users to purchase fiat currency on the site. While there are numerous other ways through which users can invest in foreign currencies, the advantage of Uphold is that its users can group multiple investments on a single platform.

Brave Rewards

Uphold does not offer a lot of promotions apart from the welcome bonus, but it is possible for users to opt into Brave rewards. Brave is a web browser that is intensely focused on privacy. It also allows revenue sharing for its users when they visit their favorite publishers.

All users need to do is to download the Brave browser, link their account to Uphold, and browse the internet. As they visit various websites, they are rewarded with BAT based on their browsing habits.

One thing that users need to remember is that in order to receive the rewards, they must verify their identity. Without it, they are ineligible for the promotion.

Use the Uphold Referral Code Now

Uphold is ideal for investors that want to hold cryptocurrency along with other assets. The referral code allows new signups to get the best welcome bonus on the exchange.

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