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Vauld Referral Code Bonus

The Vauld referral promo code for June 2024 is bigbonus. This code can be used to unlock the best welcome bonus on the exchange.

How to Get the Vauld Sign Up Bonus

The Vauld sign up bonus is extremely easy to get. All users need is the promo code. The exchange asks for the promo code during the signup process, and awards the bonus when the conditions are all met.

Here is a step by step guide on how to get the welcome bonus on Vauld:

  1. Go to the Vauld website and begin the registration by clicking on the ‘SIGN UP’ button on the top right.
  2. Enter all the information and credentials required. Remember that users may have to verify this information at a later time.
  3. Eventually, users will be asked for the referral code. Type: bigbonus.
  4. Once the sign up process is complete, users may need to satisfy certain requirements before the bonus can be unlocked.
  5. When users receive the sign up bonus, they can unlock further rewards by participating in the various schemes offered by Vauld.

Let’s take a look at how users can claim additional bonuses after receiving the one attached to the promo code.

Vauld Website

Vauld Referral Program

Vauld has an incredibly simple referral program that allows users to earn extra cash by referring their friends and family to the platform.

Once users have created their account, they can go to the referral page within the Vauld app and generate their very own referral code. This code can then be shared with other people to get them to sign up to Vauld.

Once a referral signs up using the link and deposits a fixed amount of cash, the invitee receives a bonus commensurate with their account level.

Vauld App ‘Refer And Earn’ Page

About Vauld

Vauld was founded in 2018, with the intention of focusing less on the trading side of crypto and more on the DeFi side. While the exchange has a competent trading platform, it is clearly lacking certain features such as futures trading.

On the other hand, Vauld may be the closest crypto platform we have to a bank. The primary purpose of the exchange is to help users save crypto and take out loans, just like a commercial bank would.

On top of this, enterprises represent a considerable portion of Vauld’s business. The company tends to focus on using crypto to initiate legitimate, large-scale financial activities. As such, it offers API integration for enterprises and institutional clients.

Institutional clients can also opt into a separate account that enjoys special features such as lower borrowing rates and higher deposit rates. That said, Vauld is not an exchange that exists to only serve institutions. Let’s take a look at some of the features that Vauld provides to its users.

Vauld Exchange

The Vauld crypto exchange is quite similar to any other spot trading exchange that crypto enthusiasts will have used in the past. Users have the option to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, or purchase cryptocurrency for fiat currency.

There aren’t a lot of payment methods available for users to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency. However, all of the major payment methods such as bank transfer and debit cards are available. Of course, users can transfer crypto from another wallet to their Vauld wallet as well.

Once the crypto is in the user’s Vauld wallet, it can be exchanged for any other token available on the Vauld platform. There is potential for spot traders to stick to Vauld for all their crypto needs, but those looking for advanced trading features will have to look elsewhere.

Vauld Savings

Savings is the bread and butter of Vauld. In fact, this might be the feature that makes it worth it for a crypto user to store almost all of their savings in Vauld.

Basically, Vauld pays all of its users interest on the crypto in their Vauld account. This interest is accrued regardless of whether the users have opted into a savings plan or not. The rate varies on the coin that the user holds, with the riskier coins usually commanding a higher interest rate compared to the safer bets.

Users looking to increase the amount of interest they earn can enter into a term deposit. A term deposit locks the crypto for a fixed period of time, but also offers a higher interest rate compared to simply holding the crypto in the account.

Lastly, it is also possible for users to borrow crypto from Vauld. This is how Vauld makes money. It encourages users to save their crypto in their Vauld wallets, and then lends that crypto out at a slightly higher rate to earn a profit.

The minimum amount for a loan is $1000 for non-institutional clients. However, the interest rates for loans are not that high, especially for some of the larger coins. They are definitely much more reasonable than a credit card, making Vauld a great service for crypto users that want to take out a loan.

Vauld Mobile Apps

Finding a crypto exchange with a good mobile app is indeed a difficult task, as many of them tend to be riddled with bugs. Vauld is the exact opposite, and is one of the highest rated crypto apps on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

A huge reason behind this is the simplicity of the platform. Since Vauld was designed to basically be an exchange that also offered loans and savings accounts, the developers were able to create a virtually bug-free experience that is nearly identical to the Vauld website.

Vauld is one of the few exchanges that truly does not require a PC to unlock all its features. As long as users have access to the mobile app, they can do everything outlined above.

The support can also be accessed from within the app. The Vauld support team is known for handling queries quickly and efficiently. There is a chat feature that users can use to both submit their complaints and learn more about the Vauld platform.

Get the Vauld Welcome Bonus Now

The Vauld sign up bonus can be unlocked with the promo code bigbonus. Users can use this code to claim the bonus and then earn interest on all the crypto holdings in their Vauld wallet.

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