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XT.com Referral Code

The XT.com referral code is 63LWKV. This code allows traders to get the best sign up bonus that the exchange offers.

How to Use the XT.com Referral code

The code 63LWKV can be used when traders are signing up to the exchange. When the code is used, the bonus is available once the account has been set up. For those who have missed out on the welcome bonus, there are other ways to make money on the exchange that we explore later.

Here is how the users can claim their sign up bonus:

  1. Go to XT.com and begin the sign up process. The button can be found towards the top-right corner of the home page.
  2. When signing up, users need to type the code 63LWKV when asked.
  3. Once the account has been set up, users will need to verify their information. In order to do this, it is very important to make sure that all the data provided is accurate.
  4. After this, users need to meet all the requirements for the bonus.
  5. The bonus is now available for use.
XT.com Referral Code

XT.com Partner Programs

XT.com does not offer much in the way of promotions. However, there are a total of three partner programs that users of the exchange can take part in.

Referral Program

The referral program can be accessed by any user on the exchange. All users need to do is to head to the exchange and create a referral code. This code can then be shared with other people.

When other people who have signed up using the code place trades, the person who referred them gets a share of the revenue. The rate of the commission varies depending on how many people have been referred, but it is possible to have a rate as high as 40%.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is not available to everyone. Users need to apply to become a part of it. Before they can apply, they need to have a certain amount of referrals in the referral program.

With the affiliate program, it is possible to have commissions as high as 55%. There are three levels in the program, and each of them offer better rewards than the previous tiers. Apart from this, the affiliate program works in a similar manner to the referral program.

Influencer Program

It is also possible for influencers to make money by promoting XT.com. Those who have a following can create content for XT.com and make money as a result.

Just like the affiliate program, there is an application process to get into the influencer program. Users need to prove that they have a following large enough in order to get accepted.

About XT.com

XT.com claims to be the first social-infused crypto exchange. This is because it has a lot of features that allow users of the exchange to interact with each other.

Apart from this, XT.com tries to offer everything that a crypto exchange can. It is possible to trade everything from cryptocurrencies in the spot market to derivatives. All of this is backed up by a competent support team that provides a live chat service with quick responses.

There are also a few other stand out features of the site.


Apart from offering trading facilities, there are a lot of DeFi features that traders can avail. The main way to earn is by putting the crypto in a savings account that will yield interest over time. The interest rate varies depending on the coin, but it is almost always higher than the interest on the USD.

It is also possible to stake cryptocurrencies in order to increase their value. It is also possible to loan coins to the exchange and it finds other people that it can lend to. The loans are covered by the exchange, so chances of loss are non-existent.

ETFs and Derivatives

Derivatives are obviously a huge part of the exchange, and there are multiple types of futures that can be traded on XT.com. It is possible to trade both USDT-M futures and COIN-M futures.

Apart from the derivatives that are offered on any advanced crypto exchange, users of XT.com can also trade ETFs. There are a total of two ETFs, the standard and the pro. Users can opt to trade both too if they wish.

Get the XT.com Sign Up Bonus Now

XT.com is a great crypto exchange for traders that do not want to use any of the mainstream exchanges. Those users can use the referral code 63LWKV to get the best signup bonus that the XT exchange offers.

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